CCTV tracing software

Many vehicle fleets contain a mix of CCTV hardware and software. Whether this is due to Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) being from a single supplier but are different ages, or that vehicles have been fitted with a DVR from a different manufacturer, Tracerit tracks the assets in place along with their associated business and compatibility rules.  

Downloading CCTV footage

When CCTV footage is required from a vehicle, users simply complete Tracerit’s pre-generated CCTV request form. The application calculates the type of system installed on the vehicle, the Hard Drive present, and in the case of removable Hard Drives, which Hard Drive was in place at the requested date and time. The request is then automatically sent to the appropriate depot or CCTV team. If the hard drive has been moved since the incident date and time, the CCTV analyst is instructed to visit the relevant vehicle or garage stock where the hard drive is located currently. The software also advises whether selected replacement hard drives are suitable e.g. storage size, format to replace the removed hard drive. 

Later DVR versions can be WiFi enabled. Tracerit can integrate with the manufacturers’ centralised software enabling your staff to input CCTV requests in a single location, allowing automated processes to then select the CCTV footage when the vehicle returns to the garage. 

Contact us online, or by calling us on +44 (0)20 7280 4390, to discuss the CCTV systems you have in place across your fleet, and how these can integrate with a Tracerit account. 

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