Incident Management software

Whatever the fleet size operated, passengers carried or distance travelled, vehicles, staff and passengers are unfortunately involved in incidents. Keeping track of these incidents can be difficult, especially as your business grows. Tracerit provides transport operators with a centralised software solution that helps ensure incidents are managed promptly and efficiently and that all associated information is collected.

The system allows the tracking of all staff, vehicles, garages and routes involved in an incident and the built-in business processes ensure that the optimal amount of information is collected and stored. Tracerit can automatically inform your claims department or insurance agent of any incident as well as alerting staff and managers to any follow up actions. 

Active management of incidents that your staff or vehicles are involved in ensures speedy resolutions throughout the incident lifecycle, helping to reduce the cost of your incident management through insured and non-insured charges.

Vehicle Incident Report (VIR)

Using the custom VIR form helps ensure that every facet of the incident is captured. Either drivers can use tablets to enter a VIR using specific driver screens, or garage staff can enter the VIR including any supporting management information. The VIR form allows for the incident location to be marked on a map to help pinpoint the actual location, allows for drawings of the incident to be saved and the precise location of impact to be visually saved. Following completion the investigation process can start, and insurers are notified.

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Transport Operations

Incident recording

Manage incident & accident processes

CCTV evidence

Request on-vehicle cctv footage associated with incidents

Customer service & complaints

Log customer interactions & instigate investigations

Staff management

Generate call lists to assist investigations & log training

Asset management

Control of on-vehicle assets & supplier management

Data centralisation

Centralise business data & improve disaster recovery

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