CCTV Asset Management

Mobile CCTV systems and technology are an important asset in many transport businesses. The maintenance, both proactive and reactive, of these systems ensures that the optimal uptime across the fleet is achieved. Depending on the size and complexity of the fleet, companies make use of internal and third party CCTV engineers to keep the technology operational often in line with contractual SLA (Service Level Agreement) requirements. 

CCTV fault management

When staff identify issues with a  vehicle's CCTV system the fault is recorded using simple web forms within Tracerit's CCTV asset management module. The investigation into the defects with the CCTV hardware (DVR, camera, monitor) can be assigned to either an internal engineer or to third party suppliers. If suppliers need to be provided with a Purchase Order for the work this can be generated and saved with the fault record. Lists of Third Party Suppliers and all of their contact details are stored within your Tracerit account enabling automated emails to be sent as and when faults are assigned to them. Any returned job numbers and repair costs can also be saved with the CCTV fault record. Faults with the mobile CCTV system can also be escalated from other parts of the Tracerit software such as during an incident investigation of staff disciplinary procedure. 

CCTV fault reporting

Recording and managing CCTV faults using Tracerit ensures that faults and their rectification can be recorded and monitored. Response and fix times by internal and third party engineers can be reported on, helping transport companies to manage the service that they receive from external CCTV suppliers. Reports can be generated across any required timeframe (allowing reporting in line with company requirements eg weekly, monthly, 4-weekly etc) ensuring that the fault analysis can be reported to management without further data manipulation. Repair cost analysis can also be performed allowing operational managers to keep up to date with their local budgets. 

The transport operations software, Tracerit, is provided to transport companies through simple Software as a Service (SaaS) subscriptions. Accounts can be scaled to meet your transport business's ever changing requirements. If you would like to find out more about how the Tracerit software can help you manage the time, information and cost associated with your depot operations then please get in touch.

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