General CCTV Requests

Vehicles and drivers can sometimes be involved, either directly or indirectly, in incidents whilst on the road. A general CCTV request can be used to select footage from many different vehicles, such as those that may have driven past the incident. This allows any number of CCTV views to be used to create a full picture of the incident. 

A general request automatically generates CCTV requests for all vehicles on the list and identifies exactly which hard drives were recording on those vehicles at the chosen time. The Hard Drive identification can often be quite complex, especially where an incident occurred many weeks in the past, but the tracking functionality of Tracerit ensures that the correct unit is selected even if it is currently installed on another vehicle.

Cross referencing 

The escalation processes built in to the tracerit software allow simple general CCTV requests to be escalated to a new incident, or added to an existing incident. This ensures that data entry is efficient as it only has to be entered once but can be used in multiple scenarios. 

Associated CCTV information

As well as the CCTV images themselves it is important to keep track of all of the associated information such as the reason for the request, the staff involved, who investigated and prepared the evidence, and which type of system the images were recorded on.

There are also many types of mobile CCTV system in use. Some use wireless networks to collect CCTV footage whilst others rely on the DVR hard drive being removed from the vehicle and the data accessed on a desktop PC. Where the age of the vehicle and DVR fleet varies across a business a range of hardware may be installed and it's difficult to keep track of which type of hardware is installed on each vehicle. There is also the added complexity of knowing which hard drive was on a particular vehicle at a specific time if the hard drives are regularly removed to collect CCTV evidence.

Tracerit's CCTV tracking functionality ensures that transport companies do know all of the information about their mobile CCTV hardware and that all CCTV requests are recorded and processed in line with the required business processes.

Please get in touch with Arepo to find out more about how the Tracerit transport software can help manage your mobile CCTV processes. 

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