Police CCTV Requests

Transport companies build strong relationships with the local Police forces where they operate. With so many vehicles now fitted with mobile CCTV systems the Police can sometimes request for footage to be delivered to them to assist investigations not directly associated to the transport company. 

Once the vehicles that travelled the route that the Police are interested in have been identified, Tracerit automatically requests the CCTV data to be downloaded. The system identifies the type of CCTV recorder installed on each vehicle in the list and alerts garage staff to the method of data extraction required. Once the CCTV footage has been collected, the Tracerit software generates the relevant forms needed to be submitted with the CCTV evidence. 

In some situations a Police request for CCTV footage can be associated with existing incidents that the vehicle has been involved in, such as a Road Traffic Accident (RTA). The flexible Tracerit software allows the incident and requests to be linked together ensuring that all relevant information is stored together and is easily accessible. 

Whether the request originates from the British Transport Police or a local Police force, the information relating to all Police requests for CCTV footage is managed by the software system ensuring that all of the evidence is generated correctly and expediently. 

Police requests can be reported on using the easy to use reports built in to the Tracerit transport management software identifying any trends or hot spots within your operational areas.

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