Risk Management

Managing risk is important in any transport business. A reduction in risk leads inevitably to fewer incidents which in turn translate into large savings in operational and insurance costs. Tracerit uses the wealth of information stored within your account to generate risk scores for each and every driver, bus route and garage.

Driver Risk

Using various metrics and a scoring calculation customised to your business, Tracerit automatically calculates ongoing driver risks every week or month as required. Data can be integrated with a Tracerit account from any source, such as HR software and telematics systems, providing a single portal that calculates and displays business specific risk reports and trends. 


Tracerit is not affiliated with any specific transport hardware / software and so feeds can be integrated from any supplier. 

Route and Garage Risk

As well as calculating Driver specific risk scores, Tracerit provides analysis and reporting per route, per garage and per operating company. This allows Managers to analyse the performance of each part of the business, drilling down into the data for more detailed investigation. The software allows users, depending on their access rights, the ability to analyse across the whole business, across individual companies or depots. 

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