Risk Calculation

Your Tracerit account contains much of your business’ information, such as fleet details, staff, garages and routes, and this can all be used to calculate the risk scoring, which is customised specifically to your business.

Data can also be integrated with a Tracerit account from any source including HR systems and telematics systems, providing a single portal that calculates and displays business specific risk reports and trends. 

Tracerit can be configured to calculate driver risk automatically using metrics such as:

  • The number of incidents the driver has been involved in
  • Severity of the incident
  • Length of service
  • Telematics information (such as scores, speeding or braking events)

Risk Analysis

Reports and data analysis can be accessed by any user. Accounts benefit from generic and business specific reports to ensure that you gain the most from the risk data in your account. 

As well as the reports accessed through the web portal, Tracerit can also be configured to email and alert managers of changes in their depot’s risk. For instance, a weekly report can be generated automatically detailing all changes in driver’s risk; those who have improved from last week as well as those whose risk has increased.  A similar report can be scheduled to show routes which have increased in risk and those which have reduced. 

Contact us now to discuss how the Risk Management module might be able to help your business.

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