Transport Software for Depot Operations

Tracerit® provides software to help transport companies of all fleet sizes manage their day-to-day Depot Operations. The modular software helps reduce business costs through improved administration, operational processes and making more use of company-wide fleet, route and personnel data. Transport managers gain valuable insight across their whole fleet and staff by using an online, centralised depot management database.


Asset and Fleet management

Incident recording & management

CCTV evidence requests

Staff management and Driver Performance

Customer service and complaints

Designed for

Public Transport

Bus Operators

Coach Operators

Police Service



Automate back office administration

Improve business processes

Centralise data & document storage

Reduce administration costs

Reduce insurance and claims costs

As Tracerit is a secure online software application, accessed through a web browser, it is easy to deploy across all of your transport depots providing centralised data to any personnel who need it. The software reduces the time, effort and associated cost of managing many back-office processes through centralisation, best practice and automation.

Since 1999 Arepo Solutions has gathered wide experience working with some of the largest public transport companies in the UK. Solutions include incident and accident management, identifying risk, online booking systems, smartphone applications, asset management, operational audits and vehicle / staff despatch.

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