Arepo's transport software solutions

Arepo Solutions is an experienced UK based software development company that specialises in providing affordable web-based solutions for the transport industry. 

Formed in London in 1998 Arepo have developed successful software solutions for a large number of clients ranging from individuals and start-ups to blue-chip multi-national companies. During this time we have refined the process of designing and deploying database solutions through our fully featured Rapid Application Development tool - the Arepo Platform

Using this technology has allowed us to build a suite of transport related software applications that help companies manage a diverse set of operational requirements including:

  • Accident and Incident Management
  • Depot operations
  • Car and coach park management
  • Airside transport applications
  • Safety management systems
  • Audit and non-compliance management

As technologies evolve so do Arepo's software applications. Recent projects have included:

  • Integration between Tracerit and, supporting seamless large data file transfers
  • Managing automated driver licence checks with data services from the DVLA
  • Journey management with GPS tracking using smartphones
  • Staff patrol and asset management using contactless Near Field Communication (NFC) on standard smartphones.

Our software company is conveniently located in London, close to Vauxhall Underground Station, at Vox Studios, 1-45 Durham Street, London SE11 5JH. If your transport business could benefit from some of Tracerit's modules, please get in touch

Transport Operations

Incident recording

Manage incident & accident processes

CCTV evidence

Request on-vehicle cctv footage associated with incidents

Customer service & complaints

Log customer interactions & instigate investigations

Staff management

Generate call lists to assist investigations & log training

Asset management

Control of on-vehicle assets & supplier management

Data centralisation

Centralise business data & improve disaster recovery

No unforeseen costs

Straightforward subscription-based service

Sales & Support

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