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Go-Ahead London [🡭] currently operate over 19% of the bus market in London. That translates into the operation of over 2300 buses covering some 391 million passenger journeys per year.

Operating such a large fleet of vehicles on some on the world’s most challenging roads inevitably results in a number of roadside accidents, all of which need to be carefully and consistently managed. This is especially true when you take into consideration today’s ‘blame and compensation’ culture, which if not properly handled, can cost huge sums of money.

Go Ahead London have deployed Arepo's Tracerit online database to cater for the recording and management of all incidents and accidents. This provides a consistent and effective system of accident management across the company. The system has numerous checks and balances built into it to ensure that each stage of the accident management process can be managed and monitored with a structure of reminders and audits built in to ensure accidents can be handled as efficiently as possible. The cash savings of this system are significant.

Arepo have developed an excellent solution which has satisfied all the requirements of the company. Their ability to work with Go Ahead London to ensure that the specification matched the company’s aspirations was outstanding.

Updates and additional customisation were dealt with immediately and without fuss. Their ability to respond to the customer need is exceptional.

The Operations Manager from Go Ahead London who was directly responsible for the development and implementation of the accident and incident management module within the Tracerit database also commented 'I have no hesitation in recommending Arepo Solutions'.

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