Arepo's transport software solutions

Arepo Solutions is an experienced UK based software development company that specialises in providing affordable web-based solutions for the transport industry. 

Formed in London in 1998 Arepo have developed successful software solutions for a large number of clients ranging from individuals and start-ups to blue-chip multi-national companies. During this time we have refined the process of designing and deploying database solutions through our fully featured Rapid Application Development tool - the Arepo Platform

Using this technology has allowed us to build a suite of transport related software applications that help companies manage a diverse set of operational requirements including:

  • Accident and Incident Management
  • Depot operations
  • Car and coach park management
  • Airside transport applications
  • Safety management systems
  • Audit and non-compliance management

As technologies evolve so do Arepo's software applications. Recent projects have included:

  • Journey management with GPS tracking using smartphones
  • Staff patrol and asset management using contactless Near Field Communication (NFC) on standard smartphones.

Our software company is conveniently located in Central London, close to Holborn Underground Station, at 10 Gate Street, Holborn, London WC2A 3HP. If you have a web development or online database requirement then please get in touch

Transport Operations

Incident recording

Manage incident & accident processes

CCTV evidence

Request on-vehicle cctv footage associated with incidents

Customer service & complaints

Log customer interactions & instigate investigations

Staff management

Generate call lists to assist investigations & log training

Asset management

Control of on-vehicle assets & supplier management

Data centralisation

Centralise business data & improve disaster recovery

No unforeseen costs

Straightforward subscription-based service

Sales & Support

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