Customer Complaints and Feedback

Managing customer complaints and feedback in a quick and efficient manner can make a real difference to the way in which your business is perceived by the public.

When feedback from a member of the public is received from an external source (including phone, letter, email and social media), customer support staff can log/view the issue using Tracerit’s web based forms. Depending on the type of contact, the system can automatically generate requests for CCTV footage from a list of specific vehicles, create driver interview requests through depot call lists and automated emails, and log all correspondence sent and received from the customer.

Centralisation and management of the customer feedback process helps transport businesses obtain a clear and impartial picture of events that led to the initial customer contact. 

As the data is stored securely within a centralised database the information can be accessed by authorised branch, area or head office managers for analysis and comparison against forecasts or historical information.

Web Site Integration

Customers submit feedback and complaints using various methods, such as through your website, through a third party website (such as a local Passenger Transport Executive (PTE)), by email, by letter or a telephone call to a customer support centre. Where customer feedback is submitted electronically, this can be automatically imported into your account, and staff alerted to any actions required. If appropriate, automated messages can be sent to the customer advising them of the investigation and timelines for a detailed response. As all information is maintained in a single database, staff and managers can easily see all information such as the correspondence and investigation notes. 

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