Staff Interviews

Tracerit can be used to help manage many of the staff processes within your depots and garages. Notes and outcomes of any interviews with staff are stored along with any disciplinary actions and awards. When viewing any member of staff, the system automatically shows managers any related incidents, training identified and disciplinary awards, allowing a quick but complete view of the driver's records. 

Tracerit can also integrate with third party HR systems to update personnel records automatically, ensuring that the HR department is kept up to date with all staff interviews and outcomes.  

Staff Training

Staff training records can be updated as they complete each course that your company provides. Business rules for each training course can be configured. For instance, if the course relates to the Driver’s Certificate of Professional Competence (Driver CPC / dCPC) then this can form part of the 35 hours of periodic training over 5 years, helping to ensure that all of your drivers are compliant with the legislation. 

The training module can also be used to supplement the Risk Management Module where courses can provide credits to the risk scoring processes. 

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Transport Operations

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Request on-vehicle cctv footage associated with incidents

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Control of on-vehicle assets & supplier management

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Centralise business data & improve disaster recovery

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