Driver Quality Monitoring

Transport operators often have a requirement to monitor the quality of their driving staff. This can be used to help reduce risk, for internal service and quality training, or for external Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements with agencies (such as Transport for London (TfL), Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), Public Transport Executives (PTE) or local councils). 

The Driver Quality Assessment module provides the ability to record the details of a driver's performance including driving quality and customer service provided. Information about the route and vehicle in use can be saved alongside the score the driver achieved. The score can then be included in the calculation when grading the driver's performance as well as that of the route and garage.

Follow up processes

Following an assessment, if your driver's grade falls below a certain level, they can be added to the Garage Call List or be requested to attend a more formal fact finding interview. As all data is stored centrally, transport businesses that operate from multiple locations can view and analyse driver quality across all of their operations, helping the company to gauge its driving performance and any training needs.

Driver Quality Assessment information can be analysed by your garage, depot, area or head office management. Tracerit includes access to standard reports for each module, and in addition, your data can be mined using the flexible but comprehensive query engine. 

Data input

Driver Quality Assessments can be added to your account in real time through any number of devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets using apps and web browsers.

The Driver Quality Monitoring Assessment incorporates all driving related issues within a single module, providing your business with an integrated view of a driver's performance when on the vehicle. All other information related to each driver such as incidents / occurrences they've been involved in, the detail of any injuries, or all positive and negative customer feedback received is easily accessible through quick links associated to the member of staff.

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