Incident Report forms 

The customisable Incident Report forms help to ensure that every facet of the incident is captured. General Incident Report forms can be used or alternatively specific web forms can be created such as Vehicle Incident Reports (VIR). 

Entering an Incident Report allows all relevant information to be stored, including; vehicles and people involved; details of any injuries and outcomes; related photos and pictorial diagrams; vehicle or property damage and the precise accident circumstances. 

Depending on policy, drivers may be required to enter their own Incident Reports directly into Tracerit, often accessed using mess room PC’s or tablets. The user-friendly forms allow for the driver to navigate simply through the set of screens until they have completed the information.

Drawings of the incident can be uploaded or drawn, and the precise location of any vehicle impact can be visually saved shown as red crosses against an image of the vehicle. 


Once a driver has completed the Incident Report, garage staff are alerted via email and quick links are displayed on the home page of their Tracerit web portal. 

Garage staff can enter full details of the Incident Report via their login to Tracerit, and these custom screens also include any additional management information to support the investigation process, such as damage to vehicles and any additional information required by the insurer. 

Once an incident is saved, garage staff are notified and the investigation process begins. This frequently begins with a request for CCTV evidence, and asking the driver to meet the garage manager.

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