CCTV Hard Drive Tracking

Some on-vehicle CCTV systems still require the ability to remove the Digital Video Recorder’s (DVR’s) Hard Drive to review the CCTV footage. These are then often replaced with a hard drive from garage stock, which has previously been installed on another vehicle. Keeping track of where each hard drive was for any given date can quickly become a complicated task, especially when an urgent CCTV request is submitted. However, Tracerit tracks each and every hard drive movement as staff move hardware between the fleet and depot, ensuring that your staff can easily find any CCTV evidence on the correct hard drive, wherever it is at the time of the request.

Wi-Fi enabled CCTV systems

Vehicle fleets that are fitted with wi-fi enabled CCTV systems can be integrated with your Tracerit account. CCTV requests can be added through the user-friendly web pages. The business rules for your account then determine the appropriate method of obtaining the CCTV footage.

A variety of wireless enabled CCTV systems can be configured within each account. Tracerit determines which system is in place for any given vehicle and depot, and sends the footage request to the depot CCTV system automatically. When the depot CCTV software has downloaded the footage, automated messages are passed between the software advising users that the request has been completed. 

This whole process reduces your training requirements as each user competes the CCTV footage request in a single system, regardless of whether the CCTV footage is obtained wirelessly or through manual processes. 

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