Insurance Claims 

Insurance claims can result at any time after any incident, and Tracerit allows for incident related claims to be handled efficiently.  Taking into consideration today’s blame and compensation culture, it is essential that any insurance claims are handled quickly and properly, minimising the time and cost of claim settlement.


When an incident is to be reported to the Insurer, Tracerit prompts and ensures garage staff perform all steps required by the insurer, including:

  • Scanning and sending incident reports to the insurer
  • Completion of the Insurers Instruction clarifying how the case is to be presented to the insurers. This includes details of liability (e.g. are we at fault or not), any vehicle damage, and the investigation summary including all CCTV findings

Damage Repair Costs

If following an incident the vehicle requires some repair, then the details of the Damage Repair Cost can be completed. This includes details of the bus damage, how many labour hours were required, the number of days the vehicle was off the road and any towing costs, as appropriate.

If one or more third parties are claiming against you, these claims can be managed through your Tracerit account and with the insurer. For instance, a passenger may have been injured and had property damaged, whilst a car driver may be claiming for damage to their vehicle.

To find out how the Tracerit software can help your transport business improve your insurance claims process to reduce the costs of incident management, get in touch or call +44 (0)20 7280 4390 for further information.

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